Service schedule

Type of service Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Under bonnet      
Replace engine oil and filter
Replace Air filter    
Replace Spark plugs    
Remove distributor cap, clean cap & rotor arm, refit    
Replace contact breakers (if fitted)    
Check & top anti-freeze content
Check all hoses and clips for condition  
Check and adjust all drive belts (alternator)  
Check battery electrolyte and clean terminals
Check & top up Power steering oil level
Check & top up brake fluid level (Replace at 2 years)
Check battery drop voltage  
Check starter drop voltage  
Check alternator charge rate (at idle, 2500 rpm & under load)  
Under vehicle      
Check and top up gear box oil    
Check drive shafts and cv joints  
Check all wheel bearings  
Clean, inspect & adjust brakes all round (Refit drums & wheels )    
Visual inspection of steering and suspension  
Check tyre condition  
Check & adjust tyre pressures  
Check exhaust system  
Check fuel system condition  
Replace fuel filter (every 2 years or 24000 miles)    
Outside and Inside Vehicle      
Check operation of clutch  
Check operation & condition of all drivers controls    
Check all lights (replace bulbs as necessary)
Check wipers and washers (top up)
Check all glass
Check seat belts  
Check all seat anchors and conditions  
Lub all door locks and hinges    
Check and re torque wheel nuts  
Carry out a visual inspection of all bodywork
Road Test and Report all defects